Colon & Rectal Surgery

Although colon cancer may get the headlines, the lower half of the digestive system may be affected by many conditions and diseases. The doctors of Angelina Surgical Associates in Lufkin, Texas are experts in the field of colon and rectal surgery, particularly with minimally invasive surgical techniques to reduce the impact of surgery on your body. Call today to make an appointment.

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Colon & Rectal Surgery

What is colon and rectal surgery?

Any procedure performed on the anus, rectum, or large intestine, also called the colon, is called colorectal surgery. Sometimes called proctology, a name rarely used in medical circles these days, it’s usually connected only with anal and rectal procedures when it is used, so the proctologist of old is now called a colorectal surgeon.  

Commonly, colorectal surgery has many specialized procedures to treat the various diseases affecting the lower digestive tract, as well as many diagnostic techniques to assess and diagnose these conditions. our surgeons are both experts in laparoscopic surgical procedures, for which many colorectal surgeries are well-suited.

What techniques and procedures are common to colorectal surgery?

Screening and diagnostic procedures include ultrasound, which is common to many areas of medicine. Techniques specific to the colorectal field include:

  • Colonoscopy: uses the colonoscope, a thin, tube-like device fitted with a video camera for inspecting the inner walls of the colon and, if needed, has tools to remove polyps and take tissue biopsies
  • Virtual colonoscopy: though not yet in common use, VC uses X-rays and computer tomography (CT) technology to generate two and three-dimensional images of the colon
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy: similar to a colonoscopy, but covering only part of the colon

Common colorectal surgical procedures include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Colectomy: partial or complete removal of the colon
  • Colon resectioning: part of the colon is removed and the remaining sections are surgically reconnected
  • Hemorrhoidectomy: a procedure to remove both internal and external hemorrhoids
  • Ostomy surgery: also known as a bowel diversion, a section of the intestine is brought through the abdomen to create a stoma
  • Colon cancer surgery: can include colectomy, resectioning, or local excision

How is colorectal surgery performed?

Depending on the surgery being performed and the part of the colon that’s affected, either open surgery, laparoscopic surgery, or robotically assisted procedures may be used. Our surgeons are experienced laparoscopic surgeons, and Angelina Surgical Associates has the da Vinci robotic surgical system, which increases the mobility of surgical tools under the doctor’s control. Laparoscopic techniques have much smaller incisions and correspondingly faster recovery times.